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  • The Borough of Ringwood has created this website specifically to keep residents better informed about any news related to the Ringwood Superfund site and to proactively address questions that residents may have. While both the Borough and the Environmental Protection Agency each has provided detailed information, maps and historical data through our respective government websites – this new forum seeks to present that material in a more user-friendly platform that also allows for improved communications with residents.

    Residents will be able to access a clear timeline of events and the actions taken by involved parties. Recent and relevant images of the site are available through this forum to give residents a visual frame of reference while reviewing materials on this page.

    • How Many Tons?

      Tons of additional paint sludge, drum remnants and associated soil removed from site since 2004

    • <
      How Many Acres?

      Acres of land in O’Connor Disposal Area, Peters Mine Pit, and Cannon Mine Pit to be remediated

    • +
      How Long?

      Years of groundwater testing for various contaminants

  • Get Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

  • Residents and concerned parties now have access to a section dedicated to those Frequently Asked Questions that we have received from the community. Should residents have additional questions or comments, through this website, the Borough of Ringwood offers that opportunity to each and every resident through the Contact Us/Stay Informed section.  Here, residents will be able to sign up for e-mail alerts concerning news about the site and communication from the Borough – and submit their questions to Borough officials via the interface.

    The section labeled What EPA Says provides letters and documents directly from the Agency regarding the site and related concerns, while the Water Quality section provides answers to questions and direct links to key data about our drinking water. This website also provides a detailed Time Line, as well as a History and Current Status of the areas through a section entitled Site Overview. Residents also can obtain details of the Remedial Action and full data on the volume of Paint Sludge/Waste already removed from the site.

    Our Documents and Links section provides key public records concerning the site. PDFs of legal and environmental documents are available as well as links to other resources.

    We hope that residents will embrace this website as the forum for the most accurate and up to date information available about the Ringwood Superfund site, and will access all of the facts and data available.

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